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The firm Pavesio e Associati with Negri-Clementi, bringing together national and international best practices, focuses on assisting corporations and financial institutions with the setup and management of their relationships with their stakeholders, their reorganization and restructuring processes and the expansion of their businesses in Italy and abroad.

The aim of the firm is to guarantee excellence in all its areas of expertise. In the current climate, it is essential to be able to create and nurture a team of highly-specialized and expert professionals, who are capable of understanding the dynamics of the relevant industry.

All the firm’s team members work closely with clients and have a flexible mind-set, a collaborative attitude and an innovative approach: their focus is on finding the right compromise between the best legal arrangements whilst pursuing the best commercial interests.

The firm offers tailored and specialized legal advice to private clients and institutions and applies an integrated approach in terms of setting up a bespoke team for each client. The effectiveness of this strategy means the firm has been able to build and consolidate strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.

The logo chosen by Pavesio e Associati with Negri-Clementi celebrates the union and agreement between the two firms, which historically had operations in Milan and Turin, and simultaneously reflects its mission.

It represents the “castrum“, Turin’s Roman settlement called Julia Augusta Taurinorum, a typical chessboard-like road structure, which can still be seen in the present-day Quadrilatero Romano in the city center, founded by the Romans around 28 B.C. The castrum was the heart of civil and military life and embodied the IUS, i.e. the law, offering both physical defense from external dangers as well as legal safeguards.

The castrum represents the constant journey the firm is on to achieve the right balance between legal arrangements and the utmost safeguarding of client interests.

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