Art and cultural heritage

Areas of expertise

  • Legal and artistic due diligence on individual works of art and design, collectible items or collections (Artworks).
  • Assistance in the creation, management, protection, evaluation and/or the disposal or purchase of Artworks.
  • Intellectual property rights relating to Artworks.
  • Loaning Artworks for exhibitions and/or displays.
  • Donations, successions and generational change for Artworks.
  • Foundations, trusts and other vehicles for the management of Artworks.
  • International circulation of the Artworks.
  • Assistance in the administrative procedures involving the Ministry of Culture.
  • Assistance with overseeing artists’ archives and foundations and authenticity matters.
  • Digital art, NFTs and crypto art.
  • Cultural sponsorships, donations to cultural institutions and other forms of patronage.
  • Voluntary disclosure.
  • Art lending transactions.


ART&LAW is the firm’s scientific journal with a legal approach, registered with the Court of Milan under no. 57 of 14 February 2018, dedicated to the fine art and collectibles sector, which delves into issues of law and jurisprudence but also economics, history and the art market.




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